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Starting a company is tough, hard, and lonely, and founders have to make difficult decisions daily with limited information.  Finding the right community, partners, and support network from the beginning is a force multiplier. We love to partner with founders during their early days of starting a company.

We optimize the outcomes of our portfolio companies by providing support around growth and talent management and granting founders access to our global network. We’ve built a network of engineers, designers, marketers, and investors who work together to provide these companies with exceptional support on the road to success.

We think in terms of founders, markets, and products. A great team, going after a big or growing market with a killer product.

We seek out companies that are capital-efficient, have a clear path to monetization, led by founders with a unique insight into the market, are mission-driven, and have a deep-rooted desire to win.

We are excited to partner with entrepreneurs building early-stage companies in the following verticals;

  • Financial Services and Insurance – While we have had advancements in digital banking solutions, lending, money transfer, we expect to see a lot more advancement around wealth management, digital currencies, remittance, B2B oriented solutions such as Digital SMB banking, and insurance products that help people better manage uncertainty.
  • Life Science and Health Tech – We have a broken healthcare system, and as such, it has become increasingly difficult for everyday individuals to access and afford quality healthcare services. We are seeking companies transforming the way we diagnose health issues, access healthcare, pay for it, and experience it; companies providing tools that help healthcare providers become more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Edtech and Digital talent accelerators  – Schools (Primary – Tertiary) need to be able to deliver classes, administer tests, gauge and track performance, engage the student community online. No single event should affect the delivery of education as severely as this has. As the revenue of companies dwindles globally, companies would seek new ways to reduce their cash burn whilst maintaining or improving outcomes. They would search for more cost-effective ways to deliver their products and services. This presents a huge opportunity for organizations providing skilled digital-native talent, as they can outsource this talent to companies across the world at a significantly lower cost.
  • Enterprise SaaS – Businesses of all sizes are increasingly looking to better manage their business process, sales, and teams. Companies that were not leveraging software tools before now, will begin to do so. Consequently, they will optimize their process, reduce burn, and massively increase productivity and revenue.
  • Digital Infrastructure Plays – Companies building digital rails and networks needed for the optimal operation of industries, enterprises, and more broadly speaking societies. 
  • AgriTech and Food security – Africa needs to move towards food security and sustainability. We need to leverage data and technology to massively increase production, reduce waste, and improve the whole agricultural value chain.

Our Investments

We’ve invested in 30+ companies that push the edge of what’s possible. In the fields of healthcare, financial services, agriculture, education, big data, and Internet Infrastructure. Our companies aim to improve their lives, change industries, and advance humanity.

If you are a mission-driven founder, building a capital-efficient business that democratizes prosperity, plugs infrastructural gaps, connects underrepresented communities, creates efficiencies, solves for non-consumption, and improves livelihoods, we would love to talk to you. Apply here.

Funds Page

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Ventures Platform Fund backs hungry and visionary founders with a deep-rooted desire to win; solving some of the hardest problems across Africa. VP Fund invests early in mission-driven founders that are building capital-efficient platforms that democratize prosperity, plug infrastructural gaps, connect underrepresented communities, create efficiencies, solve for non-consumption, and improve livelihoods.

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Smart capital and growth support for Africa’s boldest Entrepreneurs

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Every sector of the economy is going through a digital-driven shift of some sort. The pace of change and innovation, disruptive new technologies and shifting consumer behaviors, are all challenging corporate institutions to reinvent their innovation models. As the digital revolution continues, corporates are now faced with the choice to either adapt to the digital revolution or lose market share. The rapid development of new technologies across multiple channels online, mobile and in-store channels, along with disruption from startups, is dramatically shifting consumers’ expectations and behaviors—and their expectations regarding price, convenience and experience continue to climb.

We work with big corporates in driving innovation internally and in building lasting relationships with the startup-ecosystem  to help fuel business growth and achieve innovation goals

Some of the programs we have executed in this regard are;

Health Meets Tech (In Partnership With EPI-Afric): 

In May 2018, Ventures Platform partnered with EPI-Afric to deliver a 3-day Hackathon in which health workers specialized in infectious diseases worked with developers from the tech ecosystem to develop solutions focused on Surveillance, Notification, and Response to infectious diseases. Ventures Platform continues to provide support to the top 3 startups from the hackathon, through mentorship and regular scrum sessions.

Labs by ARM, powered by Ventures Platform:

A 12-week intensive corporate accelerator designed to allow ARM to partner with smart entrepreneurs to drive innovation and growth in the financial service industry.

The program focuses on mobile technology, applications, and services empowering individuals and changing how we access and consume financial services.

Innovation Page

Innovation description

Every sector of the economy is going through a digital-driven shift of some sort.

Innovation Page

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Helping corporates innovate by leveraging startups.

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Patrick Obi

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Policy Advocacy

VP Foundation encourages the creation and implementation of policies that support the growth of tech entrepreneurship through its Ecosystem Dialogue Series (EDS) program.

Ecosystem Dialogue Series (EDS)

Ecosystem Dialogue Series is a set of regular thematic discussions between the tech startup Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Government agencies. Principal objectives of the program are:

  • To increase tech-startup participation in the policy-making process.
  • To foster collaboration between Government and Startups.
  • To highlight policy challenges and propose policy recommendations.

This program also highlights the imperative for creating policies that are favorable to the emergence of high impact tech Startups.

Our Policy Focal Areas

#Public Procurement

The Public Procurement Policy initiative seeks to advocate for the establishment of separate and inclusive procurement guidelines for Startups. This policy will enhance:

  • Promotion of economic growth through public procurement services.
  • Creation of more jobs 
  • Development of Nigeria’s economy.

Link to Infographic and Policy brief

#Tax Incentives

The Tax Incentive Policy Initiative seeks to advocate for an affordable tax rate and to also fast-track the process for obtaining pioneer status by Startups. Inclusive Pioneer Status guidelines for startups will:

  • Improved business operations of startups.
  • Additional funds for startups to improve cash flow.
  • Relieve the operational burden and reserve cash for business development

#Access to Finance

The Access to Finance Policy Initiative desires to proffer solutions to the limitations that Startups in Nigeria faces with regard to access to finance by promoting adoption of a “Public fund of Fund Approach” which will improve:

  • Access to early funding to pursue business ideas.
  • Increase in investment versability.

#ICT (Hub)Infrastructure

The Hub Infrastructure Policy Initiative advocates for the need to alleviate infrastructural constraints (slow internet-connectivity, high electricity generation) faced by startups. The Hub Infrastructure Policy Initiative will relieve Startups from such constraints that stifle their operations as well as their growth. This would invariably lead to the economic growth of the Country.

#Digital Literacy

The Digital Literacy Policy Initiative seeks to promote digital literacy by proposing vocational programs on the computer and technical skills to meet increasing market demands. This initiative would enhance technical skill development amongst Nigeria’s growing population which would invariably promote entrepreneurship in the country.

#Digital Policy

The Digital Policy Initiative seeks to advocate for the need to implore AI technologies in key sectors of Nigeria’s economy, starting with the Financial Services Industry. This initiative will enhance poverty alleviation, for ensuring effective and efficient public service delivery as well as promote economic growth.

#University-Industry Collaboration

The University-Industry Collaboration Policy Initiative seeks to strengthen innovation and research commercialization capabilities of leading Universities by providing research-based funding. This initiative allows for the creation of incubators at Universities which would inspire student entrepreneurship as well as promote Nigeria’s economy.

EDS Reports

The Tech Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Nigeria report looks into the components of the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem and identifies policy recommendations to improve the ecosystem.


  1. What is EDS?

The Ecosystem Dialogue Series (EDS) is a platform that enables periodic and thematic policy dialogue between the government and other key stakeholders of the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem.

  1. How can I participate in the discussions?

Participating in the discussion cuts across two mediums either online through our social media platforms or offline by attending the Ecosystem Dialogue Series. 

  1. Is the EDS a free program or do I have to pay to attend?

The EDS program is free. Upon applying to attend, your application would be reviewed and invites would be sent to participants.

  1. Are there any qualifications to attend?

Typically, our audience is made up of key stakeholders ranging from tech influencers, Startups, Government personnel and people affected by policy initiatives. If you fall under the categories, be sure we need you to attend.

  1. What should I look out for during the discussions?

You should look out for thought-provoking conversations that seek to address policy challenges of tech Startups as well as conversations that would drive the implementations of the policy recommendations derived from the Ecosystem Dialogue Series.