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Policy Advocacy

VP Foundation encourages the creation and implementation of policies that support the growth of tech entrepreneurship through its Ecosystem Dialogue Series (EDS) program.

Ecosystem Dialogue Series (EDS)

Ecosystem Dialogue Series is a set of regular thematic discussions between the tech startup Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Government agencies. Principal objectives of the program are:

  • To increase tech-startup participation in the policy-making process.
  • To foster collaboration between Government and Startups.
  • To highlight policy challenges and propose policy recommendations.

This program also highlights the imperative for creating policies that are favorable to the emergence of high impact tech Startups.

Our Policy Focal Areas

#Public Procurement

The Public Procurement Policy initiative seeks to advocate for the establishment of separate and inclusive procurement guidelines for Startups. This policy will enhance:

  • Promotion of economic growth through public procurement services.
  • Creation of more jobs 
  • Development of Nigeria’s economy.

Link to Infographic and Policy brief

#Tax Incentives

The Tax Incentive Policy Initiative seeks to advocate for an affordable tax rate and to also fast-track the process for obtaining pioneer status by Startups. Inclusive Pioneer Status guidelines for startups will:

  • Improved business operations of startups.
  • Additional funds for startups to improve cash flow.
  • Relieve the operational burden and reserve cash for business development

#Access to Finance

The Access to Finance Policy Initiative desires to proffer solutions to the limitations that Startups in Nigeria faces with regard to access to finance by promoting adoption of a “Public fund of Fund Approach” which will improve:

  • Access to early funding to pursue business ideas.
  • Increase in investment versability.

#ICT (Hub)Infrastructure

The Hub Infrastructure Policy Initiative advocates for the need to alleviate infrastructural constraints (slow internet-connectivity, high electricity generation) faced by startups. The Hub Infrastructure Policy Initiative will relieve Startups from such constraints that stifle their operations as well as their growth. This would invariably lead to the economic growth of the Country.

#Digital Literacy

The Digital Literacy Policy Initiative seeks to promote digital literacy by proposing vocational programs on the computer and technical skills to meet increasing market demands. This initiative would enhance technical skill development amongst Nigeria’s growing population which would invariably promote entrepreneurship in the country.

#Digital Policy

The Digital Policy Initiative seeks to advocate for the need to implore AI technologies in key sectors of Nigeria’s economy, starting with the Financial Services Industry. This initiative will enhance poverty alleviation, for ensuring effective and efficient public service delivery as well as promote economic growth.

#University-Industry Collaboration

The University-Industry Collaboration Policy Initiative seeks to strengthen innovation and research commercialization capabilities of leading Universities by providing research-based funding. This initiative allows for the creation of incubators at Universities which would inspire student entrepreneurship as well as promote Nigeria’s economy.

EDS Reports

The Tech Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Nigeria report looks into the components of the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem and identifies policy recommendations to improve the ecosystem.


  1. What is EDS?

The Ecosystem Dialogue Series (EDS) is a platform that enables periodic and thematic policy dialogue between the government and other key stakeholders of the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem.

  1. How can I participate in the discussions?

Participating in the discussion cuts across two mediums either online through our social media platforms or offline by attending the Ecosystem Dialogue Series. 

  1. Is the EDS a free program or do I have to pay to attend?

The EDS program is free. Upon applying to attend, your application would be reviewed and invites would be sent to participants.

  1. Are there any qualifications to attend?

Typically, our audience is made up of key stakeholders ranging from tech influencers, Startups, Government personnel and people affected by policy initiatives. If you fall under the categories, be sure we need you to attend.

  1. What should I look out for during the discussions?

You should look out for thought-provoking conversations that seek to address policy challenges of tech Startups as well as conversations that would drive the implementations of the policy recommendations derived from the Ecosystem Dialogue Series.

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VP Academy

We believe that entrepreneurs and innovators will build the future of Africa. VP Academy is positioned to equip these entrepreneurs and innovators with the skills they need to get the job done.

The Academy offers four learning tracks to cater to a wide range of skills necessary to optimize a digital economy:

  1. The Talent Accelerator for digital technology and startup ecosystem intrapreneurship skills
  2. The Innovation track 
  3. The Entrepreneurship track for social and commercial entrepreneurship

The Talent Accelerator

The Talent Accelerator is for young people looking to grow their skills in digital technology or acquire intrapreneurship skills relevant to the startup ecosystem.

The Innovation Track

The Innovation Track is for individuals who want to hone their skills for innovation such that they can analyze and improve or overhaul systems, processes, products, etc in a variety of settings whether in their own business or within the organization in the public or private sector.

The Entrepreneurship Track

This Track has 2 Segments:

The Commercial Entrepreneurship Segment. This is for persons who want to set up or grow businesses that are tech-driven and profitable. 

The Social Entrepreneurship Segment which is for people who want to set up or grow a social enterprise leveraging tech to solve problems for the bottom of the pyramid.

Digital Explorers

Digital Explorers is a career advancement program for Nigerian ICT specialists through real work placements in Lithuanian ICT companies and skills enhancement in emerging technologies.
Digital Explorers program ensures that the migration of Nigerian ICT talents in Lithuania is legal while providing individual travel support for each participant.
In addition, the Digital Explorers program invites ICT companies to participate in business missions to Nigeria and create opportunities to enhance economic cooperation between Nigeria and Lithuania.

Customized Learning & Curriculum Design

The Customised Learning program offering is designed to provide customized learning programs and curriculum design for clients who desire to achieve certain outcomes or target specific demographics, groups or geography.

Clients we have worked with to design customized learning programs for include the World Bank and Sterling Bank.


What is VP Academy?

VP Academy is a school for entrepreneurs and innovators that offers a learning experience that teaches people to know, understand, analyze, and apply knowledge gained from the Academy’s learning tracks.

How do I apply?

All applications must be submitted via the VP Academy Online Application portal.

What are the entry requirements?

VP is seeking individuals who are highly motivated and passionate about building the future of Africa. Other requirements are available on the VP Academy Online Application
Do I need to have prior experience in entrepreneurship to attend?

No, you do not. All people at different stages of entrepreneurship are welcome to apply.

If selected, how much will the academy cost?

Course prices at VP Academy vary. You can find specific course details in the academy brochure when they become available.

How much work is involved? 

The Academy offers a blended learning approach where learners take courses online and participate in offline learning and practice sessions with peers, mentors, and facilitators.

How long is the VP Academy for? Will I need to re-apply every year?

The course duration at VP Academy varies. You can find specific course details in the academy brochure when they become available.

How do I request more information regarding the Academy? 

You can send an mail to [email protected] and we will respond to your inquiry.

Foundation Content

Entrepreneurship Development

How to Start a Startup Series (HS3)

How To Start A Startup Series (HS3), is a one-week immersive practical ideation training for University Students on the fundamentals of building a successful technology-enabled startup.

Startup Nigeria

Startup Nigeria is an Incubation Program designed to support innovative ideas- and early-stage companies across Nigeria with funding, mentorship, and training. 

Office Hours

Office Hours are a thematic business advisory and mentorship clinic designed for young and budding entrepreneurs to meet with mentors, share their experiences, challenges and get advice for building their businesses. 

Click-On Kaduna (KADDIP)

Click-On Kaduna Digital Entrepreneurship Program (KADDIP). It is a 6-month program funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, organized by the Kaduna State Government and World Bank and implemented by Ventures Platform. The program provides free digital skills training courses, tools, and in-person coaching to equip entrepreneurs and innovators in Kaduna State and its environs with the skills to start and grow their digital business.

The program is currently ongoing, please visit to learn more.

Facebook Pre-incubation Program

The Facebook pre-incubation program was designed to equip idea-stage startups with the tools and knowledge needed to go through the ideation process effectively and build viable products.