Thrive Agric

Food production is a huge problem across Africa, Nigeria farms less than 20% of its arable land and produces less than 20% of the food it consumes.

3 major problems affect smallholder farmers who constitute a bulk of the farming population: they can’t afford to finance increased production on their farms, they get poor yields from existing farms, largely due to lack of requisite tools and inputs and poor access to the market.
Thrive Agric enables individuals (subscribers) across Nigeria to contribute to the food production process by committing their funds to Thrive Agric, who in turn deploy these funds to farmers across various communities to help them scale and modernize their farming operations. They provide farmers tools, best practices, equip them with extension services and farm advisory, this leads to higher yields and has increased farmer earnings 3X.

Upon harvest, Thrive Agric sells produce to existing off-takers. Farmers, Thrive Agric, and subscribers all share in the upside. Currently, subscribers enjoy a 15-30% return on their investments over a 3-9-month period. All farms are fully insured.

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